reede, 10. mai 2019

My estonian experience


Hi everyone! My name is Greta and I'm about to tell you about my experience in Estonia.
I came here with some people from my school, we were four in total from Bologna, six from Verona, four from Bielefeld and then the estonian students who were hosting us.
We stayed from the 5th to the 11th of May, they told us the weather would be awful and cold, it actually turned out pretty hot and sunny, and we had a lot of fun!

The travel

On Sunday night at 4 o´clock I left home, Mesa's parents brought me to the airport and the travel started! We did the check-in, and my luggage was obviously too heavy, so I had to give some of my clothes and food to the others. We took two planes, the firts one to Frankfurt(it took one hour), and the second one to Tallin (thre hours).

The view from the airplane

     Tallin from above

At Tallin's airport a woman picked us up and brought us to Pärnu's school, where the headmaster and the estonian families welcomed us and then brought us home. Our travel to Estonia had lasted ten hours, I didn't get any sleep either on the plane, nor on the mini-bus from Tallin to Pärnu, and I just wanted to sleep. But the estonian students had other plans...

The afternoon of our arrival

As soon as we got to Pärnu, I went with the estonian family grocery shopping.

The largest amount of salami I've ever seen!!!  

After that, we went home and I got to know Kristjan's brother, sister and father (the mum had come to pick me up). They were all really nice to me, particularly the little sister and the little brother :)

Then we went to Marta's and Kristina's place, we spent there the afternoon (trying somehow to sleep, talking and laughing), and we had a barbeque.

Alessandro, Marta, Kristjan, Rasmus and me

The first day

The first day we went to school in the morning, they showed us around and then we had a guided tour to Pärnu.

Pärnu's main library
Pärnu's old gate
a tipical house
the sqad ...
the beach... pretty cold!
...and graffitis
a street with lights hanging

the lutheran church

the old streets and buirdings from the medieval times

the city hall

and we found out that in Estonia asparagus grow in the streets

After the tuor in Pärnu, we went back to school, did ice breaking games and then cooked all toghether estonian food (wich we ate at 5 o' clock in the afternnon, after a big lunch)!!!

Then we went to Kristina's place, had dinner and had dinner all toghether, went out to meet some estonian's friends and to watch the sunset from the seaside ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

writings from the Russian times

The second day
On the second day, we had a robotics workshop in the morning, and a laser cut workshop in the afternoon (both at school).
our robot, Ulisse
the room where laser cats were done

after the spa

Then we went to the centre of Pärnu, walked around and went to the spa. It has been super fun, and I got sick :(

The third day

The third day we went to school, took part at an english lesson (wery fynny) with the estonian students, and then went to tallinn. The trip there took us two hours, I was super sick and feeling awful

In Tallinn we visited the old town, the new part of the city and the tv tower.

 The fourt day
On the fourth day (still sick, felling even worse then the day before), we went for a hike in the bog, and in the afternoon at the adventure parke (beautiful!!!!!)

The trip hasn't finished yet, nut it's time for me to go to lunch (I'm feling better, maybe I'll be able to eat someting after three days...).
Maybe I''ll let you know how the adventure continues, maybe not, anyways... It will continue and I'll enjoy it!
xoxo, Greta

Thursday, the 9th of May

Thursday, the 9th of May

At the 9th of May we visit Tolkuse, Kabli VisitorCenter and Adventure Park with the Italian, the German and the Estonian people. We planed to take a walk through Tolkuse and after that, we wanted to go Kabli Visitor Center and at least we went to an Adventure Park.

First of all the group went to Tolkuse by bus. It takes nearly a hour until we arrived there. When we arrived, we meet our tour guide and we started walking. We walked 2,5 km and our tour guid tells us many informations about Tolkuse. First we walked through a Hill with a tower on it, it was the highest point in Tolkuse. If you look on the first side, you could see Tolkuse, if you look on the other side, you could see the sea. 5000 years ago Tolkuse was sea, so it is possible, that sea and Tolkuse are so near by. After this we walked on to a little Lake (look at the picture). Our tour guid sad, that the water has not much minerals, because the plans take all the minerals out of the water. Also you can swim in it in the summer. After that, we walked through the forest back to the bus, and some of us saw a deer. Than we went to the Kabli Visitor Center, by bus.

When we arrived, first of all we had a little snack. Than we went in the house and a woman tells uns some informations about the house. It is more 50 years old, and showes the development of the forest and the animals in Estland. It was near by the sea, so we could go through the forest to the beach (look at the picture). After that we had a BBQ near by the house. We ate sausages, bread and vegetables. Afer we ate, we went back to school by bus, to pick some people up. Than we went to the Adventure Park.

When we arrived there, first of all we had a safety briefing. After that everybody has to climb the same route and the man from the Adventure Park, look that everybody does everything right. After that we could chouse a route and clime it by our self, in little groups. There was a rout which was next to the sea, so you could see sea, while you are climing (look at the picture). After that, we meet at the bus and went back to the school by bus. When we arriveed the school, everybody goes home. It was a very nice and interessting day. I want to say thank you to the Pärnu Ülejõe Elementery School, it was a very nice time with very cool projekts. We had a lot of fun.

Blogging Workshop - Springtime in Pärnu

Blogging Workshop - Springtime in Pärnu 

Goodmorning everyone, my name is Alessandro Mancuso and I'm here today to tell you about the trip in Estonia that I have done this spring.
But i wasn't alone indeed! My friends Mariateresa, Greta and marta came with me, together with our teacher Christian Mc Daniel.

~The Flight~

The flight was actually really tiring, we had to wake up really early to be at the airport at 4.40 AM. We took the first plane arriving in Frankfurt, and after a couple of hours there, we flew toward Tallinn. A woman was waiting for us there and immediately brought us to Pärnu with some kind of van: after a few hours we were finally arrived to the school.  There we meet our hosts, some of them already knew us, while others didn't. For instance it was the first time that my host Rasmus and I met. Then we finally got home, where i met his parents and visited the house. My bedroom wasn't bad at all, it had a wide desk and the bed was pretty comfortable.

~The First Day - Visiting Pärnu~

After waking up, I had breakfast at school with Rasmus. We ate porridge, it was the first time for me, and in spite of the fact that i thought it was really bad, i have to admit that i was wrong. Later on we had a guided tour of Pärnu, where we saw the most important places in the city. I think that the best thing of the city were all the green areas all around the interesting sites. After the tour, we had lunch, then we made some ice-breaking games to get to know eachother better. The following activity was an Estonia cusine workshop, where we prepared our dinner ourselves. We had to fillet all the fish, it was fun but also a bit disgusting at some point. After eating what we had cooked, we had some free time that we spent relaxing at Greta's host's house, where we made a barbeque for dinner.

~The Second Day - Technology Workshops~

The second day was dedicated to two different workshops, both about the technology that estonian people study in school. The first workshop was about robotic, we had a lot of fun programming some small robots to follow a path. We were divided in couples and the robot of Mariateresa and I was one of the fastest in the game. Afterwards, we had lunch, and then a laser cut workshop. We had to design our own signs or keychains. When we were finished, they "printed" everything on a big wooden plate. I've made two of them, you can take a look at them in the photos below. Then during our free time, our hosts brought us to the beach to show us a beautiful sunset.

~The Third Day - Visiting Tallinn~

The visit in Tallin was probably the most interesting part of the whole travel in Estonia.  We've had a lot of fun and i'd really like to return there some day. We had a guided tour with a really nice and friendly guide, who showed us many interesting places and buildings such as churches, squares, statues and streets. After the tour we have had some free time that i spent buying souvenirs for my family and friends, then we had lunch in a kind-of italian restaurant. During the return i took a nice nap because i was really tired after all that walking. At night we hanged out with our hosts in the city centre, then we went back home to sleep.

Discovering Estonia

Blogging workshop about Estonia

Hi everyone! My name is Maria Teresa and I´m from Bologna, Italy. I came here with three friends of mine: Greta, Alessandro and Marta and our fantastic (he wrote that adjective) teacher Mr. Mc Daniel.
Today I´m going to tell you about the journey that we did here, in Pärnu. Specifically, I´m going to write about the third day, that we spent in Tallinn.

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia

At 9.15 a bus arrived and took us to Tallinn. In less than two hours we arrived to the capital. After a quick break, we met the guide that was going to take us to the city. We spent three hours in the city centre, looking at typical builings such as churches, houses, embassies...

We also went to an high point of the city, where we could see a beautiful view of Tallinn.

After that we had some free time, where we bought some souvenir.

After lunch we took the bus another time and we went to the Television tower. There we also could see Tallin from above (the tower is 314 height).